The Story

A Mountain in the South of France...
Many attachements to her...four Quests:
to find the Divine...the full life...
the perfect marriage...a missing piece...
A philosophical dialogue

Francesco Petrarca

Italian poet & humanist Francesco Petrarca
walked up the barren mountain in 1336.
Petrarca, on a Quest to find the Divine and
touch God, wrote a letter to his teacher
about his climb on the Mont 'Ventur'.
He became the World’s First Alpinist.
His ascent marked the start of a new age,
men began to see the world in a new way...

Our Story

Every year thousands of people come
from afar to the Mont Ventoux,
to climb her by bike or on foot.
It may be the most heroic climb in France.
The Mont Ventoux became part of our life,
a symbol of our Quest to live life
as an adventure to its fullest...


The French people who live around
the Mont Ventoux cherish and guard her.
They seek to take care of her, a Quest
for a good ‘marriage’ with the mountain.
Some see her as a mother or mistress,
others see her as a wise old Sage...

Joanne Simpson

A British cyclist dies near the top in 1967,
Tom Simpson, a Champion, defeated, by what?
His daughter Joanne Simpson returns to
the Mont Ventoux nearly every year.
Still looking for her Dad, the Quest
to find a missing piece in her life...


The film was made by all with love
for the Mont Ventoux and the Provence
Producer & director Ariane Greep
Text writer Bas Steman
Editor Erik van Plateringen
Cinematographer Maurits Obbema
2e unit camera Frank Lodder
Music Ton Snijders
Music Sebastiaan Koolhoven
Sound designer Jaap Wajer
Mountain voice Abigail Wright


Contact for information about
Mont Ventoux Scala Paradisi:
Ariane Greep,
Dieserstraat 28, 7201 NB Zutphen,
The Netherlands, Europe.
Mobile phone + 31 (0) 6 52 36 38 91
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Frank Lodder:
Ton Snijders:
S. Koolhoven:
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Malaucène :
Facebook: Mont Ventoux Scala Paradisi

Film screenings

Vendredi 18 october
Sale Polyvalente
20 heurs

Donderdag 14 november
Riverside Studios,
Crisp Road, Hammersmith, LONDON W6 9RL
Start 7 pm
Filmmaker and husband attending

Zaterdag 23 november
De Nieuwe Bibliotheek
Aanvang 14 uur


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